Our Partners


STULZ is one of the leading manufacturers of precision air-conditioning systems for data centres and telecommunications installations. STULZ was founded in Hamburg (Germany) in 1947 and has 6 production sites and 16 subsidiaries in 16 countries. Customer focus, entrepreneurial spirit, and technological expertise – these have formed the basis for the successful growth of the STULZ Group for almost 70 years.


Founded in Benfeld, France on 1922, SOCOMEC has started developing its first UPS in 1968 and has since gone on creating a large range of single and three-phase UPS while focusing on energy efficiency and quality customer-oriented services. SOCOMEC offers both three-phase in/three-phase out and single-phase in/single-phase out. Its expertise includes Data Center and Critical Power Solutions, Power Control & Safety, Energy Efficiency, Expert Services and Energy Storage. The high performance and high-availability innovations of SOCOMEC helps ensure the service quality of your data center and therefore, meet all customer’s requirements.


Founded in 2000, ONION is the DCIM leader in Korea. ONION actually began with FMS (Facility Management System) solutions, and by combining our FMS knowhow and Data Center knowledge, the MK119 was developed and released in 2008 as the first dedicated Data Center management software in South Korea. Now, the MK119 is the most widely used DCIM software in large & enterprise data centers in Korea.


DELTA is a company that offers a competitive edge to businesses in need of first-rate power solutions. The award-winning UPS designed by DELTA acts as advanced power managers, ensuring the availability of uninterruptible power supply to protect hardware and mission critical applications. High-quality UPS system function as an essential safeguard against many potential failures, and frequency differences. The DELTA line of uninterruptible power supply units includes superb options trusted by leading organizations across wide array of industries, from financial institutions to medical centers.


Ablerex is the world’s leading manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies(UPS) and power quality devices(PQD), with a strong Research and Development team committed to creating and building innovative power electronics products to maintain power consistency and continuity.


Siemens offers a wide range of electrical engineering and electronics-related products and services. It is incorporated in Germany and has its corporate headquarters in Munich. Siemens buildings-related products include building-automation equipment and systems; building-operations equipment and systems; building fire-safety equipment and systems; building-security equipment and systems; and low-voltage switchgear including circuit protection and distribution products.